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RIM: When You Can’t Sell Them Give Them To Android Developers

RIM is about to rollout the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 software update. When they do, Android developers will be able to submit their Android app in it’s original form, to the Blackberry Appworld and get it converted to run on the newest version of the Blackberry Playbook. The ability to run Android apps on the Blackberry

Samsung’s Tim Wagner Keynotes ITExpo Plays It SAFE

Samsung Vice President and General Manager Tim Wagner took the stage for an opening day kick off right after Sprint’s VP of Business/Enterprise Padget Alves. Wagner was very excited about the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note. We got to see the same 45 second teaser for Samsung’s Superbowl Ad. The 90 second ad

It’s Time, RIM Does Away With The Co-CEO Model

RIM’s board members and the media have been shouting for this change fro the rooftops for the last year and a half but Sunday it finally took place. The interwebs are reporting that RIM’s co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have both stepped down. In their place is one of the two co-COO’s Thorsten Heins.

Samsung Says Flat Out They Are Not Buying RIM

Reports on the internet were running wild on Tuesday morning suggesting that RIM was trying to sell itself to Samsung. The reports suggested that RIM was looking for a premium of 50 to 90% over their current market cap of $8.5 billion. RIM made a big showing at CES 2012 showing off their next iteration

Dumb Thieve Alert: Gang Steals 5,000 Blackberry Playbooks

Police in Indiana said Saturday morning that they suspect a gang of 4 or 5 is responsible for an ill gotten truck hijacking at a Pilot Travel Center. Based on reports from the Chesterfield, Indiana police it appears that the thieves who stole an entire semi carrying 5,000 Blackberry Playbooks had planned out their heist

Riot Police Needed To Calm A Phone Launch… Wow

The photo above, courtesy of, shows a mob of people waiting for a new smartphone launch.  In Indonesia the first 1,000 people to the launch would be able to get the highly sought after device for half price. When they ran out of the device 3,000 people waiting went absolutely crazy and riot police

Blackberry 7 Devices Fading Already Thanks To Android And iOS

News that Blackberry isn’t doing well lately isn’t really news at all. What is news though, is that sales of Blackberry/RIM’s newest version 7 devices are already dwindling. According to Canaccord Genuity analyst T.Michael Walkley sales of Blackberry 7 devices are slowing across the board. To come up with this conclusion Walkley checked inventory at

Is Vodafone Buying RIM

RIM (Research In Motion), the creators of the Blackberry, have seen their stock and livelihood on one intense roller coaster ride, pretty much since the release of the iPhone.  When Android hopped on the scene a year later RIM continued to go down hill, never regaining their footing. Rumors have been hot and heavy that

Android Coming To RIM/Blackberry Playbook Next Month

RIM is recovering from a really bad quarter. The Waterloo Canada based company missed their mark for Playbook sales badly.  They are preparing a major update and overhaul to their flagship tablet. The long awaited update to the Blackberry Playbook tablet will bring native email, calendar, contacts and the Android app player. Once the Android

Sprint’s Playbook Play: CANCELLED

The Silicon Alley Insider is reporting, by way of the Wall Street Journal, that Sprint has decided to cancel plans for a 4G Blackberry Playbook. The Blackberry Playbook 4G has been rumored for the last 6 months and was supposed to come out this summer.  After a bunch of delays, Sprint has officially pulled the