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How to hard reset on ASUS ZenFone 5

Hard reset, also known as factory reset, is one of the important solutions that an end user can do when troubleshooting the ASUS ZenFone 5. It basically refreshes the software by deleting non-system critical addition like user customizations, apps, files, and other forms of data. Before you hard reset on ASUS ZenFone 5, you want

How to remove or hide the notch on ASUS ZenFone 5

The slim and sleek ASUS flagship, the ZenFone 5, is considered a worthy rival of other famous high-end devices. And like other Android top-tier phones, it also features the now ubiquitous notch on top. For those who are unaware of what a notch is, it’s the black bar on top of the screen that houses

[Deal] 1st gen ASUS ZenWatch for $59.95

The #ASUS #ZenWatch is now selling via eBay for just $59.95. The smartwatch was launched a couple of years ago, so it’s not exactly the newest kid on the block. But if that’s not much of a caveat for you, this can be an excellent smartwatch to get you started with the concepts of Android

ZenFone 3 Ultra

[Deal] 64GB ASUS ZenFone Ultra for $558.99

The #ASUS #ZenFone3Ultra ZU680KL is on sale via eBay for $558.99. This is a large sized handset which stretches the definition of a “phablet”. But that shouldn’t be a problem as a large display real estate usually means that customers can get a lot more done on their device. The device is pretty well packed in

[Deal] Unlocked ASUS ZenFone 2 for $169.99

The #ASUS #ZenFone2 (ZE551ML) is now available via eBay for just $169.99. The price tag might suggest that this is a mid-ranged offering, but that’s not the case which will be immediately apparent after checking out the hardware specs sheet. The phone has been around since 2015 and still manages to impress thanks to the combination

ZenFone 2 Laser

[Deal] ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser for $119.99

The #ASUS #ZenFone2Laser is now selling via eBay for just $119.99. The smartphone comes with an exciting hardware specs sheet underneath, something that we seldom see from devices in this price range. The ZenFone 2 Laser gets its name from the laser autofocus camera that ASUS uses, which makes this a delight for shutterbugs. The smartphone

[Deal] ASUS Transformer Pad with Keyboard for $139.99

The #ASUS #TransformerPad is now available for just $139.99 on eBay. This is an Android based 2-in-1 and comes with a keyboard on board, making it an ideal offering for those seeking an attractive tablet + notebook on the cheap. The Transformer Pad is one of a kind as far as functionality goes, so it’s

ZenFone 3 - ZenFone 3 Deluxe

[Deal] ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe with 6GB of RAM for $586.99

The #ASUS #ZenFone3Deluxe is now available via eBay for just $586.99. The smartphone comes with a beefy hardware underneath, making it a viable competitor to most flagship phones that are currently selling in the mobile industry. What’s visible at first glance here is the presence of an attractive exterior, which is sure to get some

ASUS ZenFone 3

[Deal] ASUS ZenFone 3 (ZE520KL) for $293.99

The #ASUS #ZenFone3 is now available via eBay for just $293.99. The smartphone comes with an appealing design and hardware to rival the best in the business. Don’t be fooled by the price tag, as this is pretty much a high-end offering. The handset offered here comes with 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM