Galaxy S3 Problems, Questions and Solutions – Part 14

After fourteen blogs about the Galaxy S3 and more than a hundred problems addressed, we are still receiving emails from our readers. Some are easy to resolve and we’ve already tackled before and some are not so common and may require a little bit of research. So we cannot just stop from writing articles like

Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors and Solutions – Part 12

This is the 12th edition of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions series. We’ve already addressed more than a hundred issues our readers emailed us about but still there are many who still have problems with their phones. In this post, we will be answering five questions from our readers. Please note that we

Google Nexus 7 Problems and Solutions

This post will deal with Google Nexus 7 problems and errors that users have been complaining about. There would also be solutions and workarounds we will provide to help our readers deal with them. The Nexus 7 was manufactured by ASUS for Google to brand and distribute. It is one of the powerful tablets available

Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems and Solutions – Part 2

We’ve already published the first edition of our Galaxy S2 (S II) Problems and Solutions series in February and we received hundreds of emails from users who have experienced the same problems as we presented in the post. There were also a lot of questions about problems we haven’t experienced and many of them are

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Problems and Solutions – Part 2

In the first edition of our Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Problems and Solutions series, we tackled some general problems like performance issues, email errors, automatic reboot fixes, troubleshooting mobile hotspot and connection issues. In this edition, we will set our focus on some user-reported problems, thus, we will become more specific. We don’t actually

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Solutions – Part 2

This is the fifth article we’ve posted about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 problems and errors. The first three articles were carrier-specific dealing problems users often experience under their respective network. In this post, we will tackle the most common problems and issues users have been and currently experiencing. The first problem is among the

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors and Fixes – Part 11

  Other Editions First Part Second Part Third Part Fourth Part Fifth Part Sixth Part Seventh Part Eighth Part Ninth Part Tenth Part Eleventh Part AT&T Galaxy S3 Problems Sprint Galaxy S3 Problems I guess it’s time to publish yet another blog that tackles about problems with the Samsung Galaxy S3. As the title says,

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Most Common Problems

[UPDATE 2/26/2013 10:30pm]: An Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware for the Samsung Victory 4G LTE has just been leaked online. It means that there would soon be a roll out for the Jelly Bean update. [UPDATE 2/26/2013 9:45pm]: We have just been notified that Virgin Mobile USA, subsidiary of Sprint Nextel Corporation, is now offering

Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Most Common Problems and Errors

Internet Connection Problems  Clipboard Bug  Cannot Be Detected By Computer Runs So Slow Move Apps To SD Card  Verizon recently slashed the price of its Galaxy Note 2 offering. Obviously, this is to attract more subscribers and, perhaps, pave a way for upcoming Samsung devices. But don’t get a wrong impression because it is still

AT&T Galaxy Note II Most Common Problems

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is one of AT&T’s best offerings in 2012. Following the footsteps of its predecessor, the Note II had seen tremendous success in the market Samsung is trying to dominate. While there are already so many smartphone and tablet manufacturers fighting over their piece of the pie, not everyone was able

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems: Most reported issues

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 is not free from problems like any other variants in the United States. While there were many reported problems and errors, majority of them are minor and could be fixed with logical steps and good workarounds. Non techie users, however, are advised to call AT&T customer service support and ask