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How To Develop iPhone Apps For Beginners

Many would think it needs deeper programming knowledge to develop iPhone apps, but in truth, even beginners or those who have a little about programming could end up developing the world’s most popular app. Perhaps, one of the best stories of a struggling developer who was able to find a fortune out of a single

What Makes Android Great For Games

Android was designed by a group of companies including the world’s biggest internet search engine Google. Their goal was to create a mobile phone operating system that was interchangeable with different phones meaning there would be an industry standard; making it easier for games designers and app creators to get their work out to a

How To Get Google Maps On iPhone 5

When Apple announced it wouldn’t be using Google Maps for iOS 6, it built some kind of excitement considering people know it has all the capacity needed to realize its plans. The iOS 6 Maps application was thought to be a great feature until people found some things that no one ever expected—crooked images, mislabeled