How Apps are Evolving: A Look at the Recent Design Trends in Mobile Apps

Design is everything. Great ideas turn into great designs and great designs help in building great apps. Earlier, people worried more about the functionality of the app and cared less about its interface. But times have changed. People now have a zero-tolerance policy for antiquated apps. App Developers not only need to create aesthetically pleasing

Break Out of Your Default Browser in iOS

If jailbreaking is your intention to get free from using Safari as the only browser on your iPhone, then you ought to read the article to know it all. Following the simple rules will give you the freedom of using either one particular browser and/or multiple browsers at a time. As a first step, you just

How to develop iOS apps using Visual Studio

There’s an awesome breakthrough for programmers who are overtly familiar with Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE, and looking to kick-off with iOS app development. With Xamarin version 2.0, you can now code iOS apps using C#. The software leverages the Mono. Net runtime, allowing you to develop cross-platform apps on all the three major mobile app

How To Develop iPhone Apps For Beginners

Many would think it needs deeper programming knowledge to develop iPhone apps, but in truth, even beginners or those who have a little about programming could end up developing the world’s most popular app. Perhaps, one of the best stories of a struggling developer who was able to find a fortune out of a single