5 Best Laptops to Make Android Apps in 2020

Android apps are available in abundance right now. There are hundreds and thousands of apps out there. If you are a budding developer and want to make a difference in the Android world, the sky is the limit. But before you get started on your quest to building the best Android app, there are some

5 Best Android App Development Books

Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms out there, and the best book for android app development is an invaluable tool for studying the platform. It has been around for over a decade competing primarily with Apple’s iOS operating system found on the iPhones. Although iOS enjoys a steady popularity, Android has the

Nova Launcher 3.0 Beta 1 Released

One of the easiest ways to customize an Android smartphone is by installing a custom launcher on it. This allows a user to tweak several aspects of the interface such as the icons, menu and screen transitions, and shortcuts among others. One of the popular launcher choices available at the Google Play store is Nova

Mozilla Reveals Firefox Launcher For Android

Mozilla already has a presence in the Android ecosystem via its Firefox browser however the company wants to expand this further by offering a home screen launcher. During the InContext Conference held at Terra, San Francisco, Mozilla and EverythingMe revealed an early version of an Android launcher which is called the Firefox Launcher. The launcher

New Android App Alerts You When You Are Being Tracked

The latest news regarding the NSA gathering information on almost everyone has a lot of people concerned about their privacy. This is the very reason why a group of researchers have come up with an Android app that notifies users whenever an app in their device tries to track their location. Lead project developer Janne

Building apps for a mobile audience? Here are a few tools you can try

Mobile strategy is gaining prominence among businesses, regardless of whether one does business online or offline. According to Google’s own executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt, if you don’t have a mobile strategy, then you don’t have a future strategy at all. This is the reasoning at Facebook, for instance. The social network is

CyanogenMod Introduces GalleryNext

CyanogenMod Inc. is always finding ways to bring new features that enhances the way consumers interact with their devices. A recent post on its Google+ page announces the new image gallery app called the GalleryNext. It is still in its beta stage right now (so expect a few bugs) and is available for testing via

CyanogenMod 11 M2 Release now Available for 65+ Devices

Android users running CyanogenMod on their devices will be happy to know that the CM team just released the M2 updates for their latest custome Android ROM CM11 for most devices.  If it isn’t too late to say it’s a new year’s gift, the CyanogenMod 11 M2 “gift” comes as a surprise mainly because the

Android and Google Play: A better platform for early adopters

Just recently, Twitter launched an Alpha program for its Android app users. With the Twitter for Android Experiment, users get to enjoy bleeding edge features and functionalities that are not yet implemented in the mainstream release of the app. Twitter Alpha also goes beyond the usual Beta program, which has been in place for some

How Apps are Evolving: A Look at the Recent Design Trends in Mobile Apps

Design is everything. Great ideas turn into great designs and great designs help in building great apps. Earlier, people worried more about the functionality of the app and cared less about its interface. But times have changed. People now have a zero-tolerance policy for antiquated apps. App Developers not only need to create aesthetically pleasing

CyanogenMod Portal Finally Gets the Much Needed Revamp

CyanogenMod or CM is the most popular Android custom ROM.  Of late, it has been releasing new ROM builds for all kinds of new devices based on the latest Android versions and they are even working around the clock to make their operating system more integrated with the various Android features such as a more

Android App Development Made Simple, Link To Cheat Sheet Included

The success of Google’s mobile operating system, Android, is apparent and each update puts the platform to new heights. Enthusiasts who might be thinking of developing their apps for Android can start right away knowing every resource to start out can be found and download from the internet for free. The problem, however, is that