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5 Best Chromebook Laptops In 2019

If you’re looking for a portable medium of work, you might want to consider a Chromebook. These great Internet-only devices are perfect for travel, work, and recently, even play. They’re a tad limiting in that you can only use them as Internet-only devices, so if you use any Windows-based applications on a daily basis, such

Google Pixelbook Vs Samsung Chromebook Pro Best Chromebook 2019

In the market for a new Chromebook, but not sure whether to get the new Google Pixelbook or the much cheaper Samsung Chromebook Pro? It can be a difficult decision, especially when the Pixelbook costs $1100, and the Samsung Chromebook Pro just barely costs a third of that. Still, the Google Pixelbook is the most

7 Best Large Screen Tablets and Alternatives Running Android in 2019

Large-screen tablets and alternatives running on the Android operating system are just as perfect for multimedia consumption as they are for general computing. What you sacrifice regarding portability is outweighed by excellent multitasking capabilities that you simply don’t get with traditional tablets or smartphones. Samsung Galaxy View This 18.4-inch monster tablet from Samsung features a

5 Best Chromebooks for students on a budget in 2019

School is back in session, and now is the time where students are looking to get the best bang for their buck when it comes to laptops. However, students might want to try a different type of laptop this year–the Chromebook. It’s battery life, portability and performance are unmatched in a small, yet affordable package.

Acer R13 Vs HP Chromebook 14 Best Chromebook 2019

Two of our favorite laptops right now are the Acer R13 Chromebook and HP’s Chromebook 14. Both of these laptops are great options for travelling, as they’re a perfectly portable size, but still full of enough power to last your trip. But between the two, which one should YOU get? Today, we’re comparing them to

How To Setup VPN On A Chromebook

Chromebook have become one of the most popular computing devices available in the market mainly because they cost cheap and they require little maintenance when compared to Windows 10 laptops. The target market of this device was initially for the education sector but it also found its way to the consumer market. For people who

Google Pixelbook Vs HP Chromebook 14 Best Chromebook 2019

Not sure whether to pick up a Google Pixelbook or the HP Chromebook 14? It can be a tough decision — on one hand, you have a luxury high-end Chromebook in the Pixelbook, but on the other, you get a functioning Chromebook for a whole lot less than the $1200 it costs for the Pixelbook.

Samsung Chromebook Pro Vs Acer R13 Best Chromebook 2019

The Samsung Chromebook Pro and the Acer R13 are considered mid-range Chromebooks as far as the pricing goes. With mid-range Chromebooks, you obviously get mid-range hardware, a semi decent display, and fantastic portability. When you’re picking out a Chromebook, it can be difficult choosing between the Samsung Chromebook Pro and the Acer R13. Both are

Google Pixelbook Vs Acer R13 Best Chromebook 2019

Having trouble deciding between getting a Google Pixelbook or the Acer R13? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll help you make a decision in no time. It really can be a difficult choice. After all, you have the Google Pixelbook with a Intel Core i5 or i7 (seriously, what Chromebook out there

5 Best Android Apps For Chromebook in 2019

The Google Chromebook has come a long way since it was released a few years ago. Launched as an affordable cloud based alternative for standard notebooks, the Chromebook is light, fast and easy to use. Earlier this year, Google announced support for Android apps with Chromebook, making it a much more efficient platform. The company