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Moment Is A High Quality Clip-On Smartphone Camera Lens

One of the best features of smartphones is that it allows anyone to easily snap photos (selfies) which can easily be uploaded to any social sites.  The thing though is that if you are looking for high quality photos then your smartphone must have a good camera and devices such as these usually come at

Atheer One Smart Glasses Supports Natural Interaction

Smart glasses are new devices expected to be released commercially soon. Leading the way in the development of this type of device is Google with its popular Google Glasses. There are also other lesser known developers coming up with their own models and one of which is Atheer Labs with its Atheer One smart glasses.

Neptune Pine Claims the ‘True Android Smartwatch’ Title

As the craze of smartwatches picks up, with many companies including a new entrant Razer and those already known in the personal electronics market like Intel, Pebble and Qualcomm jostling for a place in the smartphone watch market, you wouldn’t be mistaken to think that smartwatches are typically supposed to be a companion device – a wearable piece

thingCHARGER Changes The Way You Charge Your Mobile Device

The usual way we charge our mobile devices is by plugging in its charger to a power outlet. While this may be what we are used to one disadvantage to this is that you won’t be able to use one of your power outlets unless the charging has been completed. thingCHARGER aims to change this

Recap 2 Allows Recording Of Calls From iOS, Android Device

Have you been in a situation where you wanted to record a call from your mobile device but just couldn’t figure out how to do it? A Kickstarter funded project aims to make this easier for you. Recap 2 lets you record audio from mobile and tablet into another. Recap 2 is simple to use,

All-Dock Is A Universal USB Charger For All Your Mobile Devices

Smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, cameras and portable music players are just some of the devices that people carry with them every day. Every now and then these devices will need charging and keeping track of all the different chargers may be quite a hassle. This is where All-Dock comes in. It is a universal USB

Pivothead SMART Uses A New Modular Approach To Smart Glasses

A new kind of smart glasses may be coming to the market very soon as a crowdfunded project over at Indiegogo has already reached its goal. Pivothead SMART shares a couple of similarities with Google Glass, but it has some distinct features of its own. One notable feature is its modular capability that lets users

Rock Smartwatch: Built To Be Tough, Designed To Look Good

Smartwatches are becoming popular lately as most of the major brands have released their own versions of this device. Some of the popular models include the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Sony SmartWatch 2. We’ve also got crowdfunded models such as the Pebble. Another model called the Rock is making its presence felt over at

Neptune Pine Kickstarter Campaign Launches

Early this year we reported about a smartwatch called the Neptune Pine which is being called as the “the world’s first independent smartwatch” by Neptune Computer, a Canadian startup company. Fast forward to November and we just learned that a new Kickstarter campaign has just been launched to fund the mass production and release of is A Smart Power Outlet That Learns

Have you ever had that feeling when you leave your house and don’t remember if you turned off a certain appliance or not? A new campaign over at Kickstarter aims to address this issue and do a whole lot more. The campaign called is a smart power outlet that has the ability to connect

BitLock Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Bike Key

The traditional way to secure a bike is by the use of a lock and key. A new campaign over at Kickstarter aims to use modern technology to secure a bike at the same time allowing it to be shared with your friends. The project is called BitLock which is described as the “world’s first