My Top 5 Apps of the week

The Droid guy publishes his top 5 apps for the week… – Twicca I like apps and things with funny names, I love Wacka Flocka Flame… As for twitter though, Twicca is definitely a winner. I don’t think it will run on lower numbered versions of Android but I have it on my Droid (not

Hero Vs Moment Hero Won

Everyone following me on twitter knows I switched from the Samsung Moment to the HTC Hero on Sprint’s Now Network. So far so good as far as Sprint coverage is concerned. Their map in the store is very reliable unlike some carriers so I know which areas are going to be good and which ones

Joined forces with

I’ve Decided to join forces with why here are the reasons Bryan seems pretty cool. He is promoting a healthy Android community without all the bashing that typically happens when people get passionate about something, like Android for instance. At least on twitter so many members of the Android community get along great, of

Swype is So Cool

Don’t know who started spreading it but I downloaded the Beta version of Swype keyboard for android. Unfortunately it didn’t work with my Samsung Moment. I am looking for a better virtual keyboard for my Samsung Moment. I rarely use the physical keyboard because the buttons are in a weird order and they feel cheap