[Deal] 32GB Sprint Galaxy S6 edge Plus for $319.99

Sprint’s version of the #Samsung #GalaxyS6edgePlus is now available via eBay for just $319.99. The handset comes with a pretty sweet dual-edge display, and was the second device to feature the said display (after the Galaxy S6 edge). The smartphone is locked to Sprint, as you probably guessed, so choices are pretty scarce. The handset is equipped

Galaxy Note 4 loses battery power fast, other issues

The #GalaxyNote4 was officially released on October 2014 and yet we know that millions are still using it at this time. This is a testament of the device’s reliability and popularity. However, just like any smartphone, it’s also prone to problems. This post brings you some of the reported problems about this device. Below are

[Deal] Sprint + unlocked Galaxy Note 5 for $399.99

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote5 is now available on eBay for just $399.99. For those wondering, this model is compatible with Sprint’s CDMA networks as well as a wide range of GSM carriers, making it worth your attention. However, the phone seems to be incompatible with Verizon Wireless. The Galaxy Note 5 is the predecessor to the

LG Stylo 2

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG Stylo 2 for $94.99

The #LG Stylo 2 is an attractive mid-ranged handset with a capacitive stylus. While this is no Galaxy Note competitor, it’s still a decent handset for the budget conscious. The handset is now available on eBay for just $94.99. This variant is apparently compatible with Boost Mobile’s networks in the U.S., so you don’t have

HTC One E8

HTC One E8 on Sprint getting the Android 6.0 update

#Sprint unveiled the #HTC #OneE8 a couple of years ago on its networks. While the carrier has been notoriously slow with regards to updates, there is some good news for users of the One E8. The company is now sending out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for this budget offering from 2014. The smartphone might

Sprint finally decides to kill 2-year contracts

Only a few months after reintroducing 2-year contract agreements for phones, #Sprint has now decided to kill it off for good. A new leaked internal memo has surfaced online, which makes the carrier’s intentions quite clear. Sprint maintains that this will only apply to smartphones, while tablets will still be up for grabs with a

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0

[Deal] Sprint Galaxy Tab E with 4G LTE for $99.99

The #Samsung #GalaxyTabE8.0 is now available for just $99.99 on eBay. This is a budget tablet as you probably guessed, but it features a very attractive hardware on board, plus the addition of 4G LTE really makes it an attractive proposition for the buyers. If you’re interested in snatching up the product, we suggest you do so

[Deal] 128GB Sprint Galaxy S6 for $389.99

Sprint’s version of the #Samsung #GalaxyS6 can now be yours for just $389.99. If you’re wondering, this is not the base storage variant, but the top-end 128GB model that the seller is offering here. The only caveat perhaps is that the handset is locked to work with Sprint’s networks. But if you’re willing to look over

Galaxy S7 can’t encrypt SD card, other issues

Today we give you 5 more #GalaxyS7 issues. One such issues is S7 can’t encrypt SD card. We hope that the suggestions and solutions in this post will help those looking for answers. Below are the exact topics in this material: Galaxy S7 can’t encrypt SD card | Galaxy S7 takes a long time to read

[Deal] Sprint + unlocked 128GB Galaxy S6 for $429.99

Samsung’s hit flagship from 2015, the #GalaxyS6 can now be yours in a 128GB configuration for just $429.99. Deals on this particular variant are very rare, which makes this a must have if you’re looking for a flagship offering with decent internal storage. The Galaxy S6 is one of the first Samsung flagships to ditch

[Deal] Sprint Galaxy Note 5 for $319.99

Sprint’s version of the #Samsung #GalaxyNote5 can now be yours for just $319.99 from eBay. The deal is only offering the locked version of the handset, so your options with regards to carriers are fairly limited. The Galaxy Note 5 is undoubtedly one of the best large-sized smartphones you can get in the market today, so

[Deal] Sprint + unlocked Galaxy S7 for $429.99

A retailer on eBay is now offering the #Sprint #GalaxyS7 for just $429.99. This is the American version of the handset, so you’re not settling for the slightly lower specced Exynos version of the Galaxy S7. One big bonus here is that the handset is unlocked to work with GSM carriers as well, so you

HTC Desire 626s

Sprint sending out Marshmallow for the budget-ranged Desire 626s

The #HTC #Desire626s was launched last year as a budget ranged offering on #Sprint. The handset is now receiving the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update from the carrier, finally giving users a taste of the latest version of Android. The update can be downloaded automatically over-the-air, while the company has also listed out instructions to manually

Galaxy J7 (2016)

[Deal] Boost Mobile Galaxy J7 (2016) for $179.99

Boost Mobile’s #Samsung #GalaxyJ7 (2016) can now be snatched up from eBay for just $179.99, which is a pretty remarkable price on the device. The handset was unveiled only recently, so to find a discount already is pretty cool. The Galaxy J7 is one of the few Samsung handsets right now to come with Android