Carly Changes Image T-Mobile Teases New Commercial, Most Likely For HTC One S

T-Mobile’s bubbly spokes model Carly Foulkes looks to be trading in her magenta (not pink folks) dresses for a leather biker’s jacket. T-Mobile looks to be getting a little more aggressive with their advertising now that they are dealing with the realization that T-Mobile USA will be functioning on it’s own for the foreseeable future.

Earlier this year, T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom, has said they have earmarked $4 billion dollars for a 4G/LTE rollout in the US. While they are a little late in the game with 4G/LTE T-Mobile does have a solid “4G”network with HSPA+ however 4G/LTE would be a great improvement.

As for the advertisement, T-Mobile is having a kick off party on Wednesday night in New York City. We’ll be there covering all the action and expect to hear an official roll out date for the HTC One S. Reviewers have been asked to hold off until that day.

Check out the teaser below:

source: 9to5Google