Carl Zeiss launches a Gear VR lookalike known as the VR One

Carl Zeiss VR One

Samsung’s Gear VR headset is yet to reach the customers’ hands and popular lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss has already managed to come up with a similar offering of its own. Known as the VR One, this device runs on its very own OS with no word on the specifics at the moment. But the big takeaway is that the VR One will be compatible with a wider range of devices during launch including the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as the Apple iPhone 6.

Carl Zeiss mentions that it will add support for more devices in the future, which is good news. Interestingly, the manufacturer is only asking for $100 from the VR One which is half the price of the Samsung Gear VR. The manufacturer is already taking pre-orders for the VR One with a promise of shipping the units in time for the holiday season.

In essence, the concept is pretty much the same as the Gear VR. However, we have no idea whether the VR One will be nearly as good as the Samsung offering. The Gear VR comes directly from the Oculus team who have pioneered the head mounted wearables segment after rising to fame with its crowd funded project. Perhaps the only thing holding the Gear VR back is its limited compatibility, which could make the VR One a much better alternative for many out there. What do you think?

Source: Total 3D Solutions

Via: Pocketnow