One Reply to “Cannot login to Facebook app on Galaxy S6, more app issues”

  1. Hello, my friend recently came to me looking for some troubleshooting advice to do with her Samsung Galaxy s6 edge. So she clicked on a link by accident on a celeb page then the screen started flashing she left the page as soon as she saw it, anyways after this happened her facebook account got hacked. She had to change her password and everything, I don’t know a whole lot about this stuff but I think her phone is clean I got her to run a spyware scan, malware scan, virus scan, I do not know if a keylogger scan would be necessary. Her Facebook app and her Facebook Messenger App are buggered now though, and this is only on her phone, she can access her Facebook easy peezy from her laptop and I cannot find any blog to fix this, naturally she has deleted and re installed the apps a few times, tried clearing the cache and all that jazz, basically tried everything we have stumbled across aside from a factory reset, but hopefully you have a solution.

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