Canadians Getting White Samsung Galaxy S II October 7

Although the U.S. wireless carriers just started receiving the Samsung Galaxy S II, some carriers who have had the device for a while are starting to receive the white version. We’re not exactly sure why, but people love white cell phones, even though they are harder to keep clean.

Unwired is reporting that Bell Canada will get the white Samsung Galaxy S II on October 7th. One of Canada’s top mobile websites, has posted a screen shot of an internal Bell Canada memo highlighting the October 7th launch date. That means we are less than a week away from the day you can walk into your local Bell Canada dealer or Best Buy Canada and pick one of these up.

Oh and as far as pricing goes it’s $599.95 without a contract of just $149.95 on one of those Canadian 3 year deals.

source: mobilesyrup via unwired