Can We Come Together To Match the Donation?

As of the writing of this @Kmobs Breast Cancer Fundraising Auction is sitting at $1,000

What I would like to see is for the community to get together and match this.  If only 40 people donate $25 dollars we can match this.  The reason I chose 40 people is because $25 is so very easy for most of us to donate.  I am going to ask for either @androidbeanie or @russellholly to set up a donation page.  Probably the best would be @androidbeanie due to the fact that they already have a paypal account.  If we could all come together that would be great.  I was the first commitment with $25 followed immediately by @techvudu with an additional $25 donation.  I will update this as soon as I can with a donation link.  Please mention this to @cynikaloptimist and #donationmatch and I will get back to you the minute that I have things set up.

UPDATE: It might just be easier to go directly to the site to do this you can even take a deduction from your taxes if you do it on this site.  Please let us all know if you do donate.  We’d love to hear it.

Regarding the Auction, this is some of what the winner will be getting in their care package: swag listed below and here

1. InsaneNemesis Donated 25$ for getting it over 450$

2. Teamdouche TDRevolution providing a free first month VPS hosting

3. A picture of Cara’s Boobies with winners name and a photo taken

4. Brand New Mytouch HD for getting it over 1000!

5. Solar Charger/3500ma battery to the winner after 500$

6. AndroidSpin Simon Walker giving a bluenio security tab to highest bidder

7. @Cynikaloptimist I will donate 2 of my Andy figurines to the bidder

along with the original swag:

1. 1x Pink Android Beanie, signed by Kmobs himself!

2. 1x Pink aviator sunglasses to keep the blinding sun from your eyes!

3. 1x Pink ME headphones to keep those beats going on your CM6 device!

4. A Dyznplastic Red/Orange Android figure from @russellholly

5. A Dynzplastic DarkNet Android figure from @kmobs

6 $50 Store credit to from @radioandroid

7. $50 Store credit to from @androidswag

8. $25 Store credit to from @donthatethegeek

9. $25 Store credit to from @androlute when auction reach $500

10. will also donate an additional $50 to the cause!

11. will also donate 10% of the winning bid to the cause!

12. will donate $25 to the cause when the auction reach $500

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