You Can Now Unlock Moto X Bootloader on US Cellular and Sprint Phones

Motorola promised not to be so stingy when it comes to unlocking bootloaders of its devices – as a matter of fact, at the beginning of last month before Moto X was launched, there was word that the Moto X would come with a bootloader you can unlock on all carriers but Verizon although a little later we heard that like verizon, AT&T would not support unlocked bootloaders.  Well, Motorola has come through with the promise as some of the Moto X devices can now be unlocked – legally.

Moto Unlock

US customers of US Cellular and Sprint and some Latin American carriers with Moto X can now unlock their devices at will as Motorola has come through with the promise it made regarding the bootloaders of its devices.  Unlocking the Moto X bootloader – or any other smartphone bootloader for that matter – opens the phone to tons of capabilities including simplified root privileges, installation of custom recoveries and even aftermarket ROMS.  To unlock your Moto X, you will have to create an account online then have your device ID ready.

Motorola released some very strict rules in a ‘Legal Agreement’ (see the PDF here) regarding the unlocking.  Although the manufacturer facilitates it, this move will void your phone’s warranty – even if all you do is unlock and nothing like installing a recovery – you have been warned!  Motorola also warns that when you unlock your Moto X (or any other Motorola phones on the list) you can only use the device for personal use – you cannot even sell it to an individual or hand it down to your younger brother.

AT&T and Verizon versions of Moto X (most Moto X devices in the US) remain locked, and it is unlikely that they will be unlockable any time soon because the carriers categorically requested the phones locked.  It is also unfortunate that at the moment, unlocked versions of Moto X are not available on Moto Maker but if you are looking forward for one, the Moto X Developer Edition page just went live showing that the device may not so far away from launch.  There is also a possibility of a Google Edition Moto X in the horizon, so you may have to hold on longer.  We also expect the AT&T Moto X unlock tool to appear on Motorola’s Moto X page anytime soon.

Source: Motorola US