You can now get the Nextbit Robin with a $100 discount from Nextbit’s website

Nextbit Robin

The #NextbitRobin has seen multiple discounts from online retailers like Amazon. The company also offered discounts from its official website for some countries. But if you found that your region was left out, the company is coming to your rescue. Nextbit has freshly announced that users who have their country listed on the company website (for shipping) can now get a $100 discount on the Robin as well. So as long as the Nextbit Robin ships to your source country, you are eligible for the $100 discount, bringing the cost of the phone down to $299. To add to this, the company is also offering standard shipping for free.

Here’s what the company said “We didn’t think it was fair that only fans in India and the US got to purchase Robin at a great price. So we’re lowering the price of Robin on to $299 for everyone. As long as we ship there, you’ll get Robin at a great price. And to make the offer even sweeter, we made standard shipping free too.”

Source: Nextbit