You can now get the Michael Kors Android Wear smartwatch in the U.S.

Michael Kors - Android Wear

The Access range of Michael Kors’ Android Wear smartwatches is now available for purchase in the U.S. with a starting price of $350. These wearables are priced at $350 and up, with the top end variant in the Bradshaw range priced at $395. So one can say that even though this is a luxury smartwatch lineup, customers won’t end up spending a bombshell to get them.

The entry level version is known as the Access Dylan, which comes in standard Black and Gold versions. The Access Bradshaw range comes in a multitude of options which includes a Gold/Acetate model. The Dylan range is priced moderately at $350, while the Bradshaw lineup will start from $350 and extend up to $395 depending on the model you choose.

The key differentiating factor between the two apart from the watch band variations is the thickness of the bands. The cheaper Dylan model¬†has slightly thicker bands at 46mm, while the Bradshaw lineup has 44.5mm watch bands. That’s a significant difference in size and something that will help customers tell the two models apart. You can snatch up the wearables now from the Michael Kors website.

Source: Michael Kors