Browser Wars: Google Chrome still leading

If you are a Microsoft Windows user, you have most probably used Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer needs to introduction, and this browser has been bundled with Microsoft’s Windows line up of operating system since 1995.

The latest version of Internet Explorer, the Internet Explorer 9, is quite good, however, previous versions have been buggy and resource hogging. A major chunk of businesses and home users are still using Windows XP, and we know that this operating system comes bundled with Internet Explorer 6, which according to current standard is so buggy that web developers have boycotted the use of Internet Explorer 6, and even Microsoft has stopped its support and killed this particular version of its proprietary browser officially, but people continue to use it.

If you are connected with the outside world, you would have most probably used Internet Explorer to download other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Since Internet Explorer comes preinstalled on Windows computers, users who are less tech savvy and less adventurous use it as their default browser, which explains the browser’s huge market share, even though it’s not as good as the competition. Previously, Microsoft has previously fallen foul in early 2008 when it was fined £765m by the European Commission for ‘anti-competitive behavior’ for including Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer with Windows operating system and hence was banned from including it with Window 7, however, the same wasn’t done with Apple which includes Safari web browser with Mac OS and it was explained later that Microsoft was a big player, and we know that big one is always pointed out first.
In the recent years, there has been a sharp rise in number of users who are informed about browsers. Various third party web browsers such as Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browser have started to dig into Internet Explorer’s market share. Most of us love Google Chrome for its rendering speed and the way it manages resources. StatCounter, the web traffic analysis tool, has been busy researching which browser exactly is leading the market. Back in May, Statcounter stated that Google’s Chrome browser had overtaken Internet Explorer as the world’s most used web browser. IE has been facing neck to neck competition from Google Chrome in the past few months, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise because Google is world’s most used search engine and its advertising capability cannot be questioned.

According to StatCounter, Chrome overtook Internet Explorer in terms of market share back in May, however, we weren’t sure how long Chrome would hold that position, but according to the analytic firm’s latest results that have been recorded from July 2011 to July 2012, things haven’t changed much. The above graph shows the usage of various browsers worldwide.

StatCounter says that Chrome is still doing great and with a 33.81 score, Google’s browser is still leading the race, and going by the figures, more than one third of worldwide browser market is currently captured by Chrome. Chrome is followed by Internet Explorer with 32.04, Firefox at 23.73, Safari with 7.12, and Opera at 1.72. In July last year, Internet Explorer had a score of 42.45, and topped the chart. Then, IE was followed by Chrome and Firefox with 22.14 and 27.95 respectively. According to current analysis, Safari’s score has moved on from its 5.17 score last year and Opera is slowly improving with a 1.72 score, up from 1.66 last year in July.

While the browser war is heating up, a large chunk of consumers are just looking for something that works. They don’t care what it is as long as it does the job. To put this in perspective, majority of car buyers don’t care what tires their new car comes fitted with, because the stock tires just do the job. The tires may be Goodyear or Michelin, however, when it comes to technologically sound users like me, I will swap the stock tires with say, Pirelli. But, a user would have to shell out reasonable amount of money to buy the new tires, which isn’t the case with internet browsers as most of them are available free of cost, and it’s easier to swap too. I do feel Microsoft should include Internet Explorer with their operating systems because it makes the process of downloading another browser easy, while people who don’t feel the need to go for a better one can still stick to using Internet Explorer. Have you seen more people using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox lately? What are your thoughts on Google Chrome? Let us know using the comment form below.

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  1. Google Chrome is the best browser ever, last years I always use firefox for all my internet-works, but now I’s using only 1 browser – Google Chrome!

    But I dont think Chrome got A Third Of The World users, I remmember I have read another article about this topic, and the article said about another “stats counter” service which has stats diffiren from Statcounter.

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