Bricked Your Droid Bionic? Never Fear XDA Is Here

Have you bricked your brand new Motorola Droid with a root/rom flash gone wrong? Well don’t worry it seems that the fine developers over at XDA have come up with an oneclick unbrick solution for you.

Omgdroid is reporting that XDA hacker dhacker29 has come up with the solution for those bricked Droid Bionics.  In most cases, this early on, if you brick your brand new Android superphone you’re either stuck with a piece of metal, plastic and parts worth hundreds of dollars, or you’re stuck waiting around until the one-click unbrick which sometimes takes months.

dhacker29 has brewed up a windows script that takes a lot of steps out of the unbricking process. All you need to do is download the script, connect your Droid Bionic via USB, and run it.  This method is for windows only but if you bricked your Droid Bionic it’s probably a lot less expensive to find a buddy with a windows machine than sitting at the bricked phone.

What you need is right here

source: omgdroid

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  1. hello sir,
    i had hardbricked my letv max x900(indian version) moile for which i need qfil file for max x900….if u hav or u can mange then plz share it to me

    thx in advance

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