BREAKING: Red Droid Incredible 2 Recalled By Verizon Headquarters

According to this memo sent to us by one of our Verizon Wireless ninjas and then verified, all Verizon Wireless stores are sending their on hand stock (or any remaining) back per an order from Verizon Wireless headquarters marketing.

It appears that the store stock may be used to fulfill orders from Verizon’s online and telesales channels. It could possibly be that the demand on those channels was too much for the stock in Verizon Wireless’ distribution centers.

There’s no word on whether the limited edition Red Droid Incredible 2 that was free Black Friday, will make back to Verizon Wireless stores. It’s also unknown as to whether or not retail partners are also having to ship units back. We’ll report more when we know more.

Did you pick up a free Red Droid Incredible 2 on Black Friday?


10 Replies to “BREAKING: Red Droid Incredible 2 Recalled By Verizon Headquarters”

  1. ordered mine the morning of thanksgiving, got it that following tuesday and i LOVE it! good luck to all who ordered it, and you will most likely love it!

  2. Just recieved mine today…. The red looks really good, but the phone feels rediculously cheap compared to my Motorola Droid.

    I am charging it up now so haven’t actually played with the phone yet, but I am already debating on whether or not to send it back….

  3. I wonder how they are deciding who does and doesn’t get one…

    I ordered Cyber Monday and mine is currently sitting at the Fedex sort facility near me, so I will get it Monday…. Not sure why I got one over someone who ordered 3 days before me. That doesn’t really seem fair.

    Multiple CS reps tried hard to convince me to accept a black one when I called, but I passed… It just made me want the red one more, so I hope I don’t regret that choice when it arrives.

  4. I ordered one on black friday, still havent received. I got an email yesterday saying it was out of stock. Verizon said I could choose another phone but they will not honor any that was listed on black friday as a special. At first, the phone said it ship on dec.5th now the phone no longer exists!

  5. I ordered the red incredible from Verizon on Black Friday.  When I went to accept the terms and conditions, their system wouldn’t let me.  I have been on the phone with them all week to try to figure out why their system keeps saying there is something wrong.  They have been blaming it on IT but I figure they don’t have the inventory to fill the order.

  6. Just an FYI also, the phone has been pulled from the website also since atleast 8pm central time.

    I happened to try and pull it up to show my gf and it was gone…. So ordering online is not an option either.

  7. I ordered one from their website when it was free on “cyber monday” at like 2am and supposedly it already shipped….

    Guess we will see, but I am not too worried about it since I only jumped on it because it was free… And the red looked cool…

    I am still happy with my OG Droid and even have a new in box back up for that, so if I get one I get one……Maybe I can get a Razr or Bionic if they cant fulfill my order and I complain enough, lol

  8. Sounds like direct fulfillment oversold it by way too much. I don’t think there’s an actual problem with the device.

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