ESEA Admits Embedding Software With Bitcoin Miner

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A Bitcoin miner is a quick way of gaining the digital currency. There are already companies such as Avalon Asics, Butterfly Labs and Asic Miner that have developed products which could mine Bitcoins faster than other alternatives. But it seemed that ESEA had a better way of doing it.

In a recent report by Ars Technica, Eric Thunberg, the co-founder and administrator of the E-Sports Entertainment Association or ESEA, admitted to embedding a code that functioned as a Bitcoin miner at the expense of their gamers’ computers. This has resulted to their gamers’ processors climbing up their usual rate, melting their chips and consuming more power. So far, the act enabled them to mint around $3,600 worth of Bitcoins.

The news is quite disturbing considering that many people have been using their services in order to play games online fairly or without worrying about other players cheating their way out of the game. But, as it turned out, the anti-cheat client has been cheating their users all along after one of their updates.

The Discovery

Some players complained of getting antivirus notifications, crashes and other problems while using the gaming client of ESEA. Then, one gamer investigated further and found out that his computer has been farming Bitcoins without his knowledge. Almost, immediately another complaint followed and word got out in the online community.

The Blame

Although Thunberg took responsibility of the incident hours after the discovery of their users, he pointed out that the act was done by one of his software engineers. He said that even though they have planned on slipping a code in one of their updates, he eventually backed away from the idea. However, one of his programmers did it anyway.

The Aftermath

Thunberg said that the Bitcoin miner has already been removed via their recent update. Then, the collected amount from the digital currency would be included for the prize of one of their contests. He also tried to compensate the users by giving away ESEA’s premium services for one month. Moreover, in one of the company’s updates, they stated that they will double the amount that they have generated from the mining process and donate it to the American Cancer society.

How Bitcoin Mining Works

If you want to get a clear overview of how a Bitcoin mining works, you can read it from my previous article here. Check out the ESEA forums too for a way to detect and remove the Bitcoin miner.

Source: Ars Technica