Breaking: Engadgeteers Topolsky & Patel Leaving For Their Own Site?

Engadget fronntman, Editor in Chief Joshua Topolsky announced two hours ago on that he was leaving. He said that he was stepping aside and had some fantasy projects he may be working on.  He also said that he would stay on as Editor at Large to help in the transition, noble of him.

Top Tech Journalists at both Engadget and Techcrunch have been vocal lately about working for AOL.  Aol finished their acquisition of the Huffington Post last week and with that Ariana Huffington is overseeing all the content in AOL’s blogsphere.  Earlier this year Ross Miller and Paul J Miller (not related) exited tech crunch.  Paul Miller admitted on his personal site that he would not succumb to the AOL way and veto everything he has learned about journalistic integrity to make way for SEO.

Earlier today Kara Swisher at allthingsdigital broke the news of Topolsky leaving and Managing Editor Nilay Patel.

We wish all of them well they are very good at what they do.  Patel may be best remembered in the Android community for taking on AGTNFTW host Ray Walters in a show that brought just as many viewers as an appearance by Cyanogen.

No one has openly said where they are going but earlier this week Patel posted the tweet above about buying his own domain name. While he could just be doing his own personal blog, with Engadget’s top 3 people “on the beach” it wouldn’t be too far off to speculate that they will soon be working together again.

Source: Engadget, All Things Digital, Twitter

5 Replies to “Breaking: Engadgeteers Topolsky & Patel Leaving For Their Own Site?”

  1. To think… all those domains they laughingly registered during the podcasts… they were serious.

  2. Kindof funny that that tweet is used as evidence of a future site though. I’ve lost count of how many ridiculous domain names Nilay, Josh and Paul have registered on the show over the years.

  3. Whatever does happen, the talent of these three people will certainly be enough to draw me to any future in tech journalism they pursue, be that with another existing tech blog, or a new site they found themselves.
    I hope that AOL isn’t the reason for their leaving, however, as this could mean more editors and writers leaving the engadget team

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