Boxee announcement coming up to announce they have been acquired


Boxee is expected to announce who they have been acquired by in the up coming week, the company is looking to go in a new direction they are trying to separate themselves from their open source software routes. The initial move away from open source software was their partnership with D-Link to create their set top box the boxee box.

It has been confirmed that Boxee has been looking to be acquired for the past few months with little interest, apparently the final sale price was lower than expected, the company was hoping to get $30 million but reports are saying that the offer wasn’t anywhere near. The most likely company to acquire the company is Cisco they have the most to gain from the company. Other companies such as Dish Network and TiVo wouldn’t be able to justify the purchase of Boxee.

The company is was made famous by it’s open source software that turned your computer in to a media player with the easy to use interface. The Boxee software was adopted by a lot of people and was popular on media PCs that could be found in the living rooms across the world. Unfortunately the company has fallen on hard times and will most likely be dismantled for talent.

Source: VentureBeat