5 Best Cell Signal Boosters For Better Verizon Reception In 2020

As far as most cell providers go, they all offer decent, if not excellent cellular signals for your smartphones and even tablets if you have it set up that way. However, we’re all familiar with dead zones. Sometimes there are areas in the house that aren’t capable of receiving a signal — most commonly, this might be a basement. To improve that situation, you might want to consider using a cell signal booster. A cell signal booster can increase the signal strength to your house quite substantially, depending on the model you pick up.

Verizon Signal Booster

If you’re, say, on Verizon and are having difficulty with your cell signal, be sure to follow along below — we’ll show you the best cell signal boosters on the market to increase your Verizon reception!

weBoost Connect

First up, we have the weBoost Connect. The weBoost Connect (specifically the 4G-X) is considered to be a whole-home cell signal booster. Set this device up in your home, and you should be able to increase signal strength for up to 7,500 sq.ft. It’s capable of bringing you an extra 2 hours of additional talk time in areas that don’t have the best signal.

With a booster like this, you should be experiencing fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, and even better upload and download speeds because you’re signal strength is going to be better. This booster, in particular, supports all networks, so in addition to Verizon, you can get better coverage with AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile as well.

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SureCall Fusion4Home

Next up, we have the SureCall Fusion4Home. The weBoost Connect is one of the best cell signal boosters out on the market right now, but if you’re cash-strapped, you might want to consider what the Fusion4Home offers. As you might expect, the Fusion4Home has the same general idea: boost voice, text, and 4G LTE signal strength to provide better in-home coverage. This booster is compatible with all North American carriers.

The booster itself is capable of boosting the signal in homes up to 3,000 sq.ft. Just keep in mind that the indoor signal boost that this cell booster is capable of providing will depend on how much coverage the antenna can pick up outside. If you don’t get great coverage out, the additional coverage inside could be minimal. Still, this is a great unit, and by increasing the signal coverage inside with it, you can improve your battery life, as you won’t have a weak signal draining your battery.

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Phonelex GSM Booster

You might also want to consider the Phonelex GSM Booster. It’s not a popular brand like SureCall or weBoost, but it will, without a doubt, still get the job done. The one downside to this booster is that it’s only going to work with 3G speeds because of its operating frequency of 824–849 MHz. This isn’t a bad thing at all, as some areas still only have 3G coverage, making this GSM Booster a great way to improve those speeds.

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weBoost EQO 4G

The weBoost EQO 4G is another excellent choice if you’re just trying to fix a dead spot somewhere in your home. It should be able to boost signal coverage in a 500 sq.ft area. So, if you’re having trouble in, say, your basement, this should be able to help increase your signal in up to 500 sq.ft of your basement, giving you at least something instead of a “No Service” symbol. The neat thing about this particular unit is that it can boost 4G LTE and 3G speeds, so you should get reliable coverage no matter what frequency you’re on.

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SureCall Fusion5X

If you’re looking for something for a business application, then you most certainly want to consider what the Fusion5X has to offer. It boosts all 3G & 4G cell reception for all carrier providers in the United States and Canada. It’s able to cover up to 20,000 sq.ft of range, so it is recommended that you use this in commercial applications, possibly a large warehouse or storefront even. If you’ve had problems with cell coverage before, the Fusion 5X should clear all of those problems right up, giving you better data speeds than you’ve ever had before.

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So, which cells signal booster should you pick up? We recommend going with either the weBoost Connect or the SureCall Fusion4Home. However, if you need something for a commercial application, you cannot go wrong with the coverage and speeds that the SureCall Fusion5X offers, either.

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