Boost Mobile Getting Two New Rebranded Androids From Sprint

Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s key award winning,  prepaid units (the other being Virgin Mobile), has been no stranger to Android.  In April of this year Boost took a serious dive into Android with the Samsung Galaxy Prevail.

Boost Mobile has recently added the ZTE Warp and now it looks like two new handsets are headed to Boost Mobile.  According to a report on and these press images they obtained, the LG Optimus Black, which is known as the LG Marquee on Sprint, and the Samsung Replenish are both coming out shortly wearing Boost Mobile stripes.

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The LG Optimus Black features Sprint’s ID service and is a pretty decent midrange Android device. When we first played with the Black back in February it would have been a superphone but it didn’t make it to Sprint until much later.

The Samsung Replenish was Sprint’s first eco-friendly Android device and still sports the same eco-friendly features on the Boost Mobile version. Pricing and availability haven’t been announced yet but we’re willing to bet we will see them sooner rather than later.

source: Pocketnow