Boeing Developing Extremely Secure Android Device For National Defense Purposes

Boeing to launch super secure Android phone, will it take off?

Usually you don’t expect a company that manufacturers jets to design and release a smartphone, but if they do, it’s got to be something special. This is precisely the situation Boeing, the company focused around commercial airplanes and defense systems, is going to be in soon.

Boeing is currently developing an Android powered smartphone that is under the codename “the Boeing phone”, and is set to go for something around $15,000-20,000. Yeah. As much as you would pay for a car. Now, Boeing has said that the device will most likely cost less than this ridiculously high price, but it will still be breaking your bank if you are looking to purchase it for personal use.

The real reason they are creating this device, is for those in need of a phone that has some serious security capabilities. Something like national defense. The people that will probably be carrying these phones around won’t be playing a lot of Draw Something or Temple Run, but are in need of a higher-end device that still doesn’t easily compromise any sensitive information. Of course Android was the OS of choice, as manufacturers can do pretty much anything they would like with their devices, even if that means lock them down tighter than any other smartphone available. At this time we’re not equipped with any specifications lists or potential release dates, but we’ll keep you updated with any news we might receive.


Source: TechCrunch via National Defense Magazine