5 Best Bluetooth Headsets For iPhone X

The iPhone X is one of the best phones your money can buy right now, and it’s one of the many phones that has said goodbye to your standard headphone jack. With this in mind, you’re probably going to want to invest in a good Bluetooth headset to go with your new iPhone X. That’s why today, we’re bringing you our top 5 favorite Bluetooth headsets to go along with a new iPhone purchase.

Best Bluetooth Headsets

LSXD Bluetooth Headphones

The neat thing about these Bluetooth headphones is that they’re not completely wireless. While wireless has it’s advantages, as we’ll talk about here soon, with these, you’ll never have to lose one earpiece and wonder where the other one is because they’re connected. However, because they’re Bluetooth, you won’t need a phone with a headphone jack, so they’ll work seamlessly with your iPhone X.

With the option of crisp white or a deep black, these headphones are fit for every occasion, ranging from cross-country road trips to every training session at the gym. The shape itself of the headphones are designed to fit differently than your typical earbuds. The design is ergonomic, so they’re incredibly comfortable. On the other hand, these are also magnetic, so when you don’t have them in your ears, you can easily keep them around your neck.

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Ignus Bluetooth Earbud

This earbud by Ignus comes with a singular earbud (designed to fit in your right ear), as well as a car charger. It will only take about a half-hour (give or take a few minutes) to charge, and that will get you an entire 4 hours of use, or it will last for 72 hours just on standby. You’ll even be able to use this if the device you’re paired with is up to 33 feet away.

Because this is just a single earbud, outside noise may be a concern for those who want something that’s noise-canceling, so they can keep their focus on what they’re doing, whether that be running, working, driving, and so on. However, this earpiece is designed precisely for that, even though it’s just one. It’s also sweat-proof, ergonomically designed, and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

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Soundmoov’s Bluetooth headset is a bit on the pricier side of the other items on this list, but that’s just because they’re incredibly high quality. We’re reasonably sure that once you try these, you won’t regret spending a couple of extra bucks on them. While you can control how loud these get, the sound quality is stereo-grade and built for an immersive experience every time you use them.

On top of that, the case for these allows for them to be charged on the go. With this package, you’ll get both earbuds, but they’re designed to work in Twin mode and SIngle mode. Twin mode is where you can share one of the earbuds with a friend and listen to the same thing, whereas a single mode will utilize just one of the earbuds: left or right—your choice. At full charge, you’ll get anywhere from 2 to 4 hours of activity with these.

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These Charlemain earbuds are magnetic, so when you’re not using them, you can wear them around your neck without having to worry about them falling or getting lost. They are connected by a cord, similar to the ones designed by LSXD. It also has features like hands-free calling, where you can accept and reject calls by using just your voice.

The earbuds themselves are lined with silicone for maximum comfort while wearing. But still, they have that shape that should fit your ear to a T. This is great, because it’s different than the hard plastic that has seemed to become the norm with other ergonomically designed Bluetooth earbuds. The best part? These come with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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LBell Headset

This Bluetooth headset is a little unique from the others on this list, with both earbuds attached to retractable cords inside a foldable plastic piece that sits around the back of your neck comfortably. It comes in four colors: black, white, red, and blue, and is small enough to fold up and carry in your pocket if need be.

The neat thing about this headset is how much playtime you’ll have. At full charge, you’ll have up to 16 hours of music playtime or 18 hours of talk time. It also comes with a 12-month warranty, where you can get a headset replacement or a refund.

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Bluetooth is a fantastic way to do headsets because it’s just one less cord to fiddle with, and you can say goodbye to tangling. If you end up trying any of the products on this list, be sure to tell us all about your experience with it in the comments section.

Best Bluetooth Headsets