Bluestacks Releases Beta Version for Mac OS X

iMac, MacBook Pro, and other Apple kit owners can now enjoy roughly 750,000 Android apps Android apps on their devices thanks to the newly-released beta version of Bluestacks. The Android app player is now available for download on the Bluestacks website for Mac OS X users around six months after its alpha version was released. By comparison, the alpha version of Bluestacks only supported 17 Android apps.


For those who aren’t familiar with Bluestacks, the app player is a virtualization engine that allows apps created for various operating systems to be run on the same computer, in a simultaneous manner. On the part of the user, the process appears simple. Users can run individual apps from their desktop or use the software to enjoy the full Android experience. This is in line with Bluestack’s belief in hiding the complexity of the technology from the user, like what other advanced technology does.

Initially, Bluestacks was only available for Windows users. The company has even forged deals with companies like Qualcomm, ASUS, and AMD to encourage a wider adoption of Bluestacks, bringing plenty of Android titles to Windows users. Asus is offering Bluestacks as [email protected] whereas AMD calls it the AMD AppZone Player. AMD, as TechCrunch reports, is pre-installing AMD AppZone Player on more than 100 million units, whereas Asus will have 22 million pre-installs. Meanwhile, just this month, Bluestacks announced that its software has gotten more than 5 million organic installs on both Windows and Apple.

Slashgear says that Apple users may not exhibit the same level of interest for Bluestacks, given that Android and Apple are fierce rivals. Still, Mac users who are eager to explore Android apps will possibly find the innovation from Bluestacks interesting. One notable feature of the Bluestacks App Player for Mac is an App Discovery feature that assists users in finding fresh apps.

Bluestacks for Mac OS X may be downloaded from this link.

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