BlueStacks 2 Android emulator now lets you run multiple apps at once

Bluestacks 2

For those who don’t own an #Android device, but would like to experience it anyway, #BlueStacks has served as a solid alternative since 2011. Although the service was laggy and slow during its early days, the developers have taken giant strides in making it a popular service. It has 109 million downloads now, which says something about the popularity of the service.

The company has now announced a revamped version of this app called BlueStacks 2, which introduces quite a bit of new features on board. First and foremost, it comes with the ability to keep multiple apps open at the same time, something which the predecessor was incapable of doing. This means that users will be able to use the app now like a proper Android device, without having to compromise on the experience.

The developers also mention that the app will have a refined UI and some other handy features on board, which would make it worthy of the 2.0 upgrade. It’s currently a Windows only offering, but will be available for Macs sometime soon.

It is a free download from the official BlueStacks site, so make sure you give it a try from the link below. Also make sure you check out the introduction video posted by the company.

Source: BlueStacks