How to Block Phone Number on Samsung Galaxy M51

This post shows how to block a phone number on the Galaxy M51. Read on to learn the different ways of adding a phone number to your Galaxy M51’s blocklist using messages and the phone app.

Blocking Phone Numbers

Getting calls from telemarketers or other undesired callers is inevitable these days. Good thing though, because modern smartphones are already equipped with more advanced privacy features to back users in barring such forms of inconvenience. 

A key solution to stopping annoying phone calls is by blocking the caller’s number. There are different ways to block a number on an Android phone. Generally, the entire process is fairly simple. 

In modern Samsung Galaxy phones, blocking a phone number can be done through the preloaded Phone, Contacts and Messages apps. 

If you’re new to Android and not yet familiar with the latest OneUI platform, then you can refer to this simple walkthrough. Here’s how to block a phone number using the built-in phone and messages app on the Galaxy M51 smartphone.

Easy Steps to Block a Phone Number on the Galaxy M51

The following steps can also be applied when blocking a phone number on other Samsung Galaxy phones that have the same software version with the M51. Actual screens and menus may vary between device models and carriers.

1. To get started, find and then tap the Phone icon from the Home or Apps screen.

Doing so will launch the built-in Phone application. You can tap the Recents tab to view all your recent call logs.

2. While on the Phone app’s screen, tap the triple-dot icon located on the upper-right side. 

A side menu will launch, prompting a list of additional settings and options.

3. Tap Settings to proceed.

The Call Settings menu opens, highlighting another set of options and relevant features.

4. To continue, tap the option to Block numbers.

Doing so will open the phone’s blocklist along with the blocking commands.

5. To block phone calls from unknown or private numbers that aren’t added to your contacts, toggle to turn on the switch next to Block unknown/private numbers.

6. To add individual phone numbers to block, tap to place the cursor on the Add phone number text field and then type in the number that you’d like to block. Once you’re finished typing, just tap the Plus sign on the right side.

7. You can also select a number to block from your recent call logs. To do so, tap the Recents button to access your call logs and then tap to mark the radio button before the phone number to block. 

8. To block a phone number from your contacts list, tap the Contacts button then find and select the contact that you’d like to block.

9. There is also an option for you to enable caller ID and spam protection. To use this feature, simply tap the option to Block spam and scam calls. On the next window, toggle to turn on the switch next to block spam and scam calls then choose whether you’d like to block all spam and scam calls or only block high-risk scam calls.

10. Aside from the Phone app, you can also block numbers from the Messages app. Just go back to the Apps screen and then tap the Messages icon to open the app.

11. While on the Messages app, tap the triple-dot icon on the right side to view additional app settings and options.

12. From the pop-up menu, tap Settings to continue.

The Messages app settings screen opens with another set of options.

13. Select the option to Block numbers and messages.

Another menu launches with a list of blocking features.

14. Tap Block numbers and then follow the next prompts to add a phone number that you’d like to block messages from.

You can choose a number to block from existing conversations or contacts list by tapping on the command buttons. You can view all blocked messages by tapping on Blocked messages.

And that’s how blocking a phone number is done on the Galaxy M51.

There is also an option for you to unblock the phone number in case you’ll change your mind and remove a number from your block list.

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