Bladeslinger Android Game Review

One of the hottest mobile games has finally made its way over at the Android platform. Bladeslinger is a third person shooter game that is jam packed with action. You play the part of William Glaston who has just returned to his town straight from war but discovers that his town is not what it used to be. Monsters and all sorts of nasty beings now roam the town and it is up to you to get rid of them.


Bladeslinger is being brought to us by Kerosene Games and can be downloaded at Google Play for $2.99. While the requirements for each device differs it is better if you can install this in a Tegra device since there are added bonuses such as  the dynamic and progressive storm effects system.

What you will immediately notice about this title is its excellent graphics that can already be called as console-quality. The storyline that accompanies the game is even better which makes it a must have for you to try out.

The gameplay starts as William Glaston returns to his hometown of Hammer’s Peak expecting that his fighting days are over.  He’s wrong though as he is attacked by monsters in town and is forced to defend himself by killing them using his weapons and interestingly his magic powers.

Your task is to eliminate these monsters and find out where they come from. Aiding you in this task is your blade, guns and an assortment of magical skills. The controls may be tricky at first but if you have played Dark Meadow then you should be familiar with it. The touch gestures allow you to perform various actions as well as multiple combos. You can dodge, slash, and fire your weapon. Tapping on an enemy lets you shoot them with your gun while swiping at them introduces them to your deadly blade. Multiple swipes on the screen initiate a combo attack. You move around by simply holding to the direction you want to go.

If you are looking for an action packed game that comes with a great graphics and an intriguing storyline then try out Bladeslinger now.