BlackBerry Z10 parts totals up to $154

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Last month, BlackBerry unveiled two new handsets which are running on the brand new completely redesigned platform, BlackBerry 10. The BlackBerry Q10 comes with a full qwerty hardware keyboard and isn’t up for sale yet. BlackBerry Z10 on the other hand is a full touchscreen smartphone, just like the iPhone or high end Android smartphones. BlackBerry has gone through a tough time in the past and now it wants to recapture the market with the help of Blackberry Z10.

BlackBerry Z10 is a good smartphone device and is perhaps the best touchscreen phone ever built by BlackBerry. It is capable of competing with the iPhone and popular Android offering in terms of hardware. We already know what kind of hardware is inside the Z10, but how much does it really cost the company to manufacture a device? Well, you will have to disassemble the phone and total the cost, part by part. That’s obviously a very tough task, but folks at CNN have done it! Yes, the news is coming from CNN Money, and I’m quite surprised at the source because we turn to CNN only when there is a national tragedy or daily news.

Actually, CNN didn’t really tear down the device, but they used the data from UBM TechInsights who recently did a complete tear down of the BlackBerry Z10 and published a list of components hiding behind the plastic case. CNN has determined the exact price the Canadian manufacturer is spending on parts for each BlackBerry Z10 and the results are as follows:

The 4.2 inch display costs the company a good $26.50 whereas it has to shell an equal amount of $26.50 for each dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor used. The 8MP rear facing camera together with the 2MP front facing shooter cost a total of $15 for each unit, and another $9 is spent for the 16GB of native storage. Other critical components like the battery, communication chips, and RAM costs a total of $21.00. The remaining casing and other electronics add up to about $59. The entire cost of components and parts used to manufacture a brand new BlackBerry Z10 is $154. It should be noted that the $154 is the price the company is paying for raw materials, and the company has to obviously spend more to actually manufacture the device and pay its employees, not to mention the money spent on R&D.

The parts used in BlackBerry Z10 actually cost $15 more than the parts and components used in Apple’s flagship iPhone 5, of which the total stands at $139, but I’m not surprised as BB z10 actually comes with a larger screen with better resolution, bigger battery, larger amount of RAM among other components.

BlackBerry Z10 has been reportedly doing well in UK, and if it is selling well, it should be good, right? The BB10 platform will definitely win over the enterprise users, but BB is currently focusing on consumer market. What are your thoughts on Blackberry Z10? Let us know in the comment section below.

source: CNNMoney