BlackBerry Z10 compared against Apple iPhone 5 (video)

RIM will be launching its all new BlackBerry 10 platform in a few days. Along with the platform, the Canadian company will also be launching two new devices booting the platform. After looking at a chain of leaks and rumors regarding the devices that will be launched this month, the devices are expected to be BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry X10.

BlackBerry Z10 is a full touch device and has no hardware keyboard whatsoever. The device is very similar to Apple’s iPhone. The X10 on the other hand comes with the signature qwerty keyboard that Blackberry handsets are known for. The focus seems to be on the Z10 itself and it should be RIM’s flagship device that will be running the all new re-engineered and re-designed platform on which RIM has invested billions of dollars. Anyways, since Z10 is the flagship device, it’s main competitor is the iPhone. The iPhone is considered to be the market leader and whenever a new high end touchscreen device launches, the usual question is whether it is capable of being an iPhone killer. In case of BlackBerry Z10, looks like it does have that potential.

A new video has popped up which compares a Z10 and iPhone side by side. The video shows how competitive BlackBerry will be in 2013, and perhaps this is the first video showcasing that. In the video, specs of both the devices have been compared. It is clear that Z10 has an upper hand over the king of smartphone (by volumes) because the Z10 comes with a 4.2 inch screen whereas iphone comes with a 4 inch retina display. What’s interesting is that iPhone’s retina display has a pixel density of just 326ppi whereas the BB’s display has a pixel density of 356ppi, which makes it a clear winner in this category at least.

Apart from that, the other most noteable difference has got to be the battery pack. The Z10 comes with a 1800mAh battery whereas the iphone has a 1440mAh. Also, unlike iPhone, Z10’s battery is user-removable, which makes it a good travel companion. If you are into Android world, you may feel that 1800mAh is a bit mediocre, but then Android has always been good at draining battery and BlackBerry has always been able to get optimal battery life from its cell. Also, the Z10 has a microSD slot, which is unknown to Apple iPhone.

What makes iPhone stand out of the crowd is that it has got the best digital assistant, Siri. RIM seems to have covered that too in its all new platform. The video puts the BlackBerry Voice Control up against Siri, dictating an email, and astonishingy Siri had some trouble with the message. The BlackBerry Z10 is able to comprehend the message with great accuracy while also being a tad faster than Apple’s offering. Other advantages of BB10 include ability to allow the user to have a quick peek at a text message and switch back to previous activity smoothly. Do you think BB10 will be better than iOS?

Source: CrackBerry