BlackBerry Z10 availability details in the U.K.


BlackBerry has announced two new devices, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. The Z10 is a full touch screen smartphone, just like the iPhone, whereas the Q10 follows the classic design of BlackBerry smartphones equipped with qwerty keyboard. The Q10 is more desirable as the keyboard is great and there are people craving for a new BlackBerry with physical keyboard, but apparently the company has decided to launch it only in April. BlackBerry Z10 on the other hand will come to US only in mid-March, but is available readily in several markets around the world.

The full touchscreen Blackberry 10 smartphone can be bought right away from UK phone shops from today, 31 January onwards. The device has been confirmed by EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone. Other vendors such as Phones 4u and Carphone Warehouse have also confirmed the availability of the device, and it should be noted that Phones 4u has exclusivity arrangement for white version of Z10.


Vodafone will be selling the device for £29 when the user commits for £42 a month Vodafone Red Data plan, which will fetch you unlimited calls and texts with 2GB of data. You can get the handset for free if you choose £47 a month plan.

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O2 will be selling the device for free on a £36 a month, 24-month tariff for the first two weeks of sale. If you would like the commitment to be less hectic, you can go for the £399.99 option where you’ll be paying a bit less every month. Pay As You Go customers can grab the device for £479.99.

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Three will be carrying the device, but their pricing isn’t known yet. They’ll be announcing it shortly, and interested customers can show their interest by registering on carrier’s website.

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EE happens to be the only carrier in UK to be offering BlackBerry Z10 with 4G capability. A 24 month plan with 3GB of data a month will cost you £46 and the device cost is £29.99. The £41 a month plan is substantially cheaper, but comes with 1GB of data a month, and you’ll be paying £49.99 for the device separately.

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Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse will be stocking the Z10 and will sell it for free from £36 per month on most of the major networks. According to CPW the phone “Represents a giant leap forward in user experience that we’re sure Carphone Warehouse customers will be keen to trial.”

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Phones 4u

Phones 4u will be stocking BlackBerry Z10 in both black and white (which is exclusive, and hence if you’re looking to own the Z10 in white, this is the place you will be getting from for time being). Similar to Carphone Warehouse’s plans, the Z10 will be free from £36 a month.

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BlackBerry has certainly received positive response. It only remains to be seen how well the device will do when it comes to sales. What’s your thought on this?