BlackBerry Venice slider spotted in the wild running the Android Messenger app

BlackBerry Venice

A user at the Toronto Film Festival was spotted with what is very likely to be the upcoming #Android powered #BlackBerryVenice slider smartphone. We’re being treated to a blurrycam image here, but from the little that we can see, it seems like the device is running the stock Android SMS app, known as Messenger (the blue header is a giveaway).

Of course, it’s nothing we can tell with certainty, but the placement of the hardware volume keys on the right aligns well with past leaks, so there’s more reason to believe that this leak is indeed real.

The BlackBerry Venice is supposed to be a comeback device for the Canadian manufacturer although it might be too late given that it will have to win-over Samsung, LG, Motorola and even HTC fans to have a shot at making it big again. However, there are a lot of BlackBerry converts toting Android and iPhones, so maybe the company can try to woo that demographic.

Source: BerryFlow

Via: Android Headlines