Blackberry to launch its next flagship phone, A10 via Sprint in November

Earlier when Sprint had decided not to launch the Blackberry Z10 on their carrier, we were quite surprised. We thought that the carrier had made a huge mistake by ignoring Z10 and focusing on the QWERTY Q10. But now there’s a new twist to the story as CNET reports that Sprint will be the first carrier to announce Blackberry A10, the next flagship phone from the company.

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A10 will be the Z10 v2.0, so expect some great specs and features from the phone. The device would be the second full touch screen handset from the company and is expected to succeed the current Z 10.
Looks like the company is finally comfortable releasing full touch screen phones rather than sticking to the QWERTY layout as seen in its earlier handsets. Being a high end full touch screen device, the company won’t be just focusing on business users, infact it will directly compete with smartphones like Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Now, this would be a good thing for the company as competition will only improve their product.

A10 is expected to be released via Sprint Nextel in the month of November but according to CNET as the contract between Sprint and BB is not exclusive, we might see other carriers too release this phone. The most important thing to note here is that the September- November period is a dangerous time to launch a phone like A10 as we may see the next Nexus and the next iPhone release around the same time. Both of them have managed to attract a loyal fanbase across the globe and hence, the device may have a tough time attracting new customers in the market. But end of the day, if the device manages to pack in a lot of power under its hood along with the efficient BB10 OS, the timing will not matter, the device will automatically attract customers.

With details about A10 now leaked, we have two more devices to look forward from the company this year. Earlier, BB had announced that they would release atleast 6 Smartphone covering different markets in 2013. Of these, we have details of 4 handsets namely Z10, Q10, Q5 and A10. So, the company may release two more devices later this year along with A10.

Stay tuned for more details on new BB devices.