BlackBerry Port-A-Thin Saw 15,000 App Submissions Within 1.5 Days


The BlackBerry 10 smartphones are a couple of weeks away from an official launch and RIM wants everything to be perfect. But everything isn’t in the company’s control and one such thing is app support. As we already know, the BlackBerry 10 platform will come with support for Android apps. Yet there was some concern over RIM’s native apps for the platform. But RIM can cross that off the list of worries now as reports are suggesting that developer support for the platform has been tremendous so far. It is being reported that the BlackBerry 10 platform saw app submission of about 15,000 apps in about 1.5 days of going live (37 and a half hours to be precise) between January 11-12 during the BlackBerry Port-A-Thon.  The numbers were made public after the recently concluded Port-a-Thon where RIM promised to pay $100 for every app approved. RIM actually had cash of about $500,000 to offer developers, so there was some degree of interest with the developers.

The point to be noted here is that not every app was approved out of the 15,000 that were submitted because RIM can only pay 5000 developers with the cash in hand. There were other incentives too, which led to a large number of developers submitting their apps for the platform. So this explains the excitement on the part of the developers to publish apps for the platform. Getting approved or not is a whole different issue, but getting the developers excited is one of the most vital and core aspects of a platform. This is something Microsoft was slow in doing and as a result is facing the consequences now. The good thing for RIM is that it had all these companies to learn from which meant there are very little room for errors. And so far, the company has crossed the first hurdle which is to bring in developers. The next and the final step will be to impress the customers that the platform is worth their attention and prove that it has what it takes to sustain in the largely competitive mobile market.

The company will see to it that it appeals to almost every customer and not just corporate users which is how RIM got its business a few years ago. But things have changed now and it’s vital that the smartphone appeals to everybody. The company has been fairly successful in doing that looking at the early builds of the OS on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha smartphone. We recommend you to mark your calendars for January 30 as it could be one of the biggest days in RIM’s history, and yes we mean it.

Source: Twitter
Via: The Verge