BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C Devices Will Be Given to Developers After the January 30 Event


Long before we started seeing BlackBerry 10 devices hit the rumor mill, RIM started sending out handsets known as the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha to developers. These smartphones consisted of the Dev Alpha A and Dev Alpha B smartphones, both of which are now known as the BlackBerry L-Series or BlackBerry Z10 smartphones. RIM basically wanted developers to get their hands dirty with these Dev Alpha devices so that there would be sufficient amount of apps running for the platform during the time of the launch, which was an excellent plan. However, RIM also has a QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphone in the works known as the Blackberry X10 or N-Series of smartphones. These devices obviously pack a different display resolution, which meant that the apps designed and developed for the full touch Z10 smartphones would obviously not be compatible with these smartphones. But now a RIM spokesperson has come up with a solution to that. According to Victoria Berry, RIM will start rolling out BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C smartphones to developers after the big event on January 30. What this means is that BlackBerry X10 smartphones will not pack the full BlackBerry experience when launched, at least in terms of apps. It was hoped that RIM will launch both the X10 and Z10 smartphones together at the January 30 event, but that seems unlikely now.

Ever since BlackBerry Z10 started making the rounds on the internet, there have been rare occasions when we spotted the QWERTY BB10 smartphones. But it is now clear that RIM wants to focus on the full touch smartphone first, which is what the market demands currently and then move on to its standard QWERTY smartphones. Shortly after the January 30 event, RIM will also make the SDK (Software Development Kit) available to developers for the QWERTY BB10 smartphones, added the spokesperson. The BlackBerry Z10 smartphones pack a resolution of 1280×768 which won’t be compatible for the most part with the 720×720 BlackBerry X10 devices. So developers have their job cut out for them, as far as developing apps for BB is concerned. This is crucial especially for games, which demand optimum and equal resolution for smooth and uncluttered functioning.

The corporate users will certainly be looking forward to the QWERTY BB10 smartphones, and RIM certainly is aware of that. Despite the growing demand for full touch smartphones in the market, RIM certainly won’t abandon the QWERTY BlackBerrys. It would have to act quickly though and if the promise of 70,000 BB10 apps is to be kept, the developers will certainly have to show interest in the platform, and RIM has been successful in doing that to some extent with the Port-A-Thon event.

Source: Financial Post
Via: Mobile Syrup