BlackBerry CEO says the company will embrace Android if they can make it secure

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry has been rumored to be considering Android as an alternative platform for its mobile devices. And today for the first time since those rumors surfaced, the CEO of the company, John Chen has mentioned in an interview that the company won’t shy away from using Android as long as they can find a way to make it ‘secure’.

We’re not sure if he was hinting that Android is not secure in its current form, but the gist we get is that the company wants to ensure that users get the same standard of security that they’re currently accustomed to with BlackBerry services. While Google might not be open to the idea of BlackBerry tweaking with stock Android, we don’t think BlackBerry has much to worry about with regards to Android.

BlackBerry’s enterprise solutions are regarded as world’s best and are used by all the top government agencies in the world for security reasons. However, an everyday user won’t find the same feature set with a BlackBerry that he/she would on an Android smartphone or an iPhone. This has been nagging BlackBerry for quite some time now and might finally force them to take radical steps in order to survive in the mobile segment.

Source: Fierce Wireless

Via: Techno Buffalo