Beware! Fake Temple Run: Oz And Subway Surfers Games Spotted At Play Store

Despite having strict measures there’s often that certain fake app that makes its way to Google Play Store. One way for people to protect themselves against fake apps is to be aware of what to do once you encounter these types of apps. Two popular games have fake versions which are available for download right now and very much look like the real deal unless you read the fine print. The titles are Temple Run: Oz And Subway Surfers Games.

android malware

The first fake game which is Temple Run: OZ is being offered for free which is in itself makes it attractive compared to the real game developed by Disney which costs $0.99, think of it as bait. The developer of the fake game is called FREE GAMES and if you check their website only a white index page appears.  A disclaimer is placed announced stating that “This is not an actual game. It is just a link to the real game”.

temple run

The second fake game which is also developed by FREE GAMES is Subway Surfers FREE. It is also being offered for free despite the fact that the real game developed by Kiloo Games is also free. A disclaimer is also provided at the bottom of the game description stating that “This is not an actual game. It is just a link to the real game.”

subway surfers free

There really is no reason why anyone should download these fake games. The real Subway Surfers is already available for free while the legitimate Temple run costs only $0.99 and for that amount you’re sure that your device is free from malware.

The problem with these fake apps is that they may be injected with malware by their developers. Once you install these types of apps on your device and give them permissions you’ll never know what information they can gather.

Here are some quick tips to remember when downloading an app from Google Play.

  • Check the application name
  • Check the developer name and website
  • Check the review and ratings

One way to combat fraudulent apps is to immediately report them to Google so they may look into it immediately.

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