💡Best Tips and Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S23 📱

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the top phones in the market, packed with a wide assortment of advanced features. However, beyond its architectural prowess and sleek design, users can further optimize their experience with a few modifications, settings alterations, and features. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S23 device.

WiFi and Mobile Networks

Consider these changes to optimize your device’s WiFi and Mobile Network operations:

  • Enable Intelligent Wifi within your Wifi settings for improved performance and minimize battery usage by turning on Wifi Power saving mode.
  • If you have a strong WiFi connection, consider turning on Wifi calling. This routes your calls through your router, reducing reliance on the tower network.
  • You might also want to consider switching off Nearby Scanning in More Connection Settings to reduce unnecessary battery drain.

Customdevice Routines

The Galaxy S23 provides an option to create custom routines based on various situations:

  • To conserve battery at night, turn Power Saving On, Brightness to 2%, Bluetooth Off, NFC Off, Greyscale On, adjust Screen Resolution to FHD+, and set Network Mode to 3G Only.
  • You can schedule this “night time routine” when the device is not charging. When the specified time period ends, these settings are reversed.

Notifications and Display settings

Customise your notification and display settings for better user experience:

  • Turn on Notification History. This feature is helpful when you accidentally dismiss any notification.
  • Put your device on Dark mode and Auto Brightness to make your screen less harsh on your eyes and save battery life.

Advanced Settings

In addition to the basic setting tweaks, several advanced features can further enhance your experience:

  • Enable Full screen in split screen view and Swipe for pop up view in the labs section of advanced features.
  • In the device’s battery settings in ‘Device Care’, turn on Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Power Saving, and adjust the performance profile to light.


Installing some third-party applications may also enhance your Galaxy S23 experience:

  • The aodNotify app is a great tool, especially for its Notification ring LED feature.
  • The Good Lock application offers a variety of amazing customizations.

Overall, these tips and tricks can be extremely beneficial in optimizing device performance and enhancing user experience. However, it’s crucial to first familiarize yourself with each trick’s functionality and effect on your phone to ensure they align with your needs and preferences.

Note: Turning off higher-level network settings, such as 5G, VoLTE, NFC, Bluetooth, and GPS, may save battery life but can significantly hamper the functionality and convenience these features offer. Use your discretion when turning off these advanced features, and consider the impact they may have on your device experience.

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