Top 3 Best Free Movies Apps for Android

If you are wondering how to stream free movies onto your Android phone or tablet, below are 3 of the free movies apps for Android available today that you can download via the Google Play store.  You will be able to watch movies for free via these apps on your device.

Best Free Movies Apps for Android

best movies app for android

1) Hulu

Hulu is one of the best video sites in mainstream media as of the moment. As of 2014, they started allowing viewers see selected TV shows and movies for free on Android tablets and mobile phones. You can watch certain shows with commercials through the Hulu website and pay nothing for it. If you have downloaded this application, you need to update it first to enjoy the free subscription.

Before this announcement was made, viewers were limited to watching full TV shows or movies on their desktops if you are not a subscriber. It means that you have to subscribe a paid subscription if you want to watch your favorite shows on TV, tablet or phone. At a later time this year, Hulu said that the mobile changes on the application will be effective on iOS.

Download it now: here

2) Crackle

Crackle is one of the sites where avid viewers visit when they want to stream television shows, original content and online movies for free. For first time users, they must register by filling an online form and getting their emails verified. Once those steps are done, they can now access numerous videos online in 480p and 360p resolution. Crackle can be accessed in a numerous compatible devices such as laptops and PCs as well as gaming consoles, namely PS3 and Xbox, and mobile phones that is supported by iOS and Android.

It is easy to browse by category in the Crackle site. Some categories include featured, most popular and recently added. There are a lot of programs in different genres from comedies, to anime to dramas to westerns and almost everything and anything in between. You can also search TV shows and movies by title, genre or through the artist’s name. You can also create a watch list where it tracks the last 300 videos you have watched on Crackle.

If you want to socialize with your fellow Crackle users, you can do so by rating, commenting or liking the videos and watching lists that they have shared on social media websites. Crackle users can also upload videos and send it to other people through their email.

If you are an avid fan of a specific TV show, good news for you! You can receive updates about incoming episodes through email or the application itself. You can watch uncut, unedited full length movies for free at Crackle. All content you can see is legally available. There is no need for a subscription or sign-up fee.

3) Flipps HD

Flipps HD officially made their application free for every mobile phone powered by the Android software. You can stream music videos, movies, and TV series without the need for any setup or pairing. If you were able to download Flipps HD before the new version, you can have a free upgrade through the Google App Store. Flipps HD has recently launched numerous channels for the European audience residing in Italy, Spain, German and France. Some content offered include regional news, movie trailers, music videos and entertainment news. There are a lot of things you can see in Flipps that is not available in mainstream media.

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