Best Buy Will Give Free iTunes Money To Last-Minute Shoppers


Update: It seems that Best Buy’s 20% off discount has come to an end. Walmart’s deal still stands though.

Original Article: If you are an avid iTunes user looking to save a few bucks on an iTunes gift card, Best Buy has a 20% discount available to last-minute shoppers! While you may have to pay for some of the gift card, you technically are getting a little bit of free money. Granted, this requires that interested customers head on over to their local Best Buy, as the physical iTunes gift cards have the 20% discount. Not the gift cards you can purchase from Best Buy’s online store. Albeit you can order the gift card on Best Buy’s online store as long as you use the in-store pickup option. You can head to your local Best Buy as late as 3:00pm on Monday, December 24th. This 20% discount applies to all iTunes gift cards from $15 – $100.

Taking a trip to Best Buy may be a bit out of your way and tedious. In that case, Walmart has a deal for you with their email-delivery iTunes gift cards, as they are currently offering their $50 iTunes gift cards for $10 less bringing it to a total of $40. Android fanatics will be a tad disappointed as Google Play gift card prices are sticking with their face value prices. There are a lot of Apple users out there though, and these iTunes gift card deals are perfect for last minute gifts!

source: 9to5mac

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