Best Buy reveals Verizon LG Spectrum 2, official unveiling may be on November 3rd

Best Buy recently listed in its website the rumored LG Spectrum 2 unveiling some information essential to knowing what the device is capable of and where it is heading when released. Among the information everybody can see are photos, initial specs, price, model number and the carrier that will offer it. Phone Arena reported the launch date may happen on November 3rd but no one can really be sure about it unless LG or Verizon confirms it.

On the product page, there are two photos showing the overall design of the smartphone. Unlike the first model that has rounded corners, Spectrum 2 has corners that are almost edgy making it looks like a perfect rectangle from afar. Also, it now has four capacitive buttons instead of three and apparently a bigger screen of 4.7 inches, although the 0.2 difference in screen measurement does not really make the device looks bigger. Overall, the device looks more elegant and professional; it’s something anyone might appreciate at first glance.

The specs listed by Best Buy suggest LG Spectrum 2 would be competing in the 4G market just like its predecessor. Considering Verizon’s aggressiveness in promoting its new infrastructure, this device is without a doubt going to be bundled with plans only a few could resist and be given the same treatment (or even better) as with Spectrum. Best Buy offers it for $649.99 but the shipping date hasn’t been disclosed yet.

LG Spectrum 2 gets a Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 chipset with dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz. Since it uses Qualcomm’s SOC (system-on-chip), it will come bundled with Adreno graphics processor. To complement the CPU, LG gives Spectrum 2 1GB RAM and 16GB internal memory plus a microSD slot to support up to 32GB external storage. While LG is one of the companies Apple employed to manufacture iPhone 5’s in-cell display, such technology wouldn’t be seen in this device. Nevertheless, it sports a decent 720 x 1280 pixels resolution at around 312ppi density.

If you want to see the product page personally to learn more about it, find Best Buy’s link after the post. The information you can find on that page may change as LG hasn’t announced the official specs yet. But somehow, we know what to expect from it. Furthermore, if you are one of the owners of LG Spectrum under Verizon network, the ICS update is now available.

[source: Best Buy]

[via: Phone Arena]

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