Best Buy Canada Taking Pre Orders for BlackBerry 10 Smartphones


The BlackBerry 10 launch is upon us and RIM is currently busy endorsing and building hype for the product. We reported yesterday that three of the four major American carriers will be bringing BlackBerry 10 smartphones to the country. And since the past few days, there is plenty being spoken about how smartphones have evolved especially with devicesa like the Huawei Ascend D2 and the Sony Xperia Z being announced at the CES 2013 convention. However, Research In Motion wouldn’t worry about all that as long as it gets a good and decent opening for its BB10 smartphones when it is announced on January 30. And the retailers will have a huge role to play in building excitement, as we all know. And that is exactly what Best Buy Canada is doing by taking up pre orders for the upcoming BB 10 smartphones.

The retailer is taking up pre orders for the smartphones for $50, which will be deducted from the actual price of the smartphone when it is launched in February. What this means is that users can be assured of reserving a unit of either of the two BlackBerry 10 smartphones that are launching in February after the announcement later this month. Do this only if you’re absolutely certain of getting a BlackBerry 10 smartphone as I don’t think the pre-order amount is refundable. All major Canadian carriers will be offering BlackBerry 10 smartphones, so Best Buy Canada’s timing seems to be ideal. This was expected on the home turf of RIM.

We’re not sure if the rest of the world will get the devices around the same time because this could well be a Canada only affair initially. There’s no word on when other major carriers of the world will stock up on BlackBerry 10 devices, but it is certain that they will carry the smartphones. If you live in Canada, and happen to be a longstanding BlackBerry fan, go ahead and place the order on Best Buy Canada’s website. We would however recommend you to wait until you have all the information about the smartphone, just to be safe. It’s always a risky proposition to pre order a device which you know absolutely nothing about (except for what we’ve heard from the leaks).

RIM will be launching two BlackBerry 10 smartphones during the Jan 30 event in New York City and one of them will be an all touch smartphone also known as the Z10 (L-Series) and one with a  physical QWERTY keyboard, known as the BlackBerry X10 (N-Series).

Source: Best Buy Canada
Via: Phone Arena