Best Buy Canada Posts Samsung Galaxy S II For $150 July 21st Then Pulls Page Down

According to our favorite Canadian centric mobile site, mobile syrup, Best Buy Canada had the Samsung Galaxy S II listed for $150 with a new three year commitment.  Problem is by the time the story got around to Engadget, the page on Best Buy Canada’s website was removed.

Mobile Syrup says they have it on good source that the Samsung Galaxy S II will in fact be at Bell Canada next week and the price, which was originally reported at $169,99 is now just $149.99.

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There is still no date for the Samsung Galaxy S II release in the United States.  Samsung originally eluded to problems with the US carriers and the logistics however we are halfway through July and still no mention.  Back in May we received an invite from Samsung Mobile for a press event which was abruptly retracted.

Some people are speculating that the Samsung Galaxy S II launch is being stifled by the litigation going on between Apple and Samsung, however we find that hard to believe. Samsung has responded to all of Apple’s requests and the ITC will take months to consider an injunction.  The other hypothesis is that with all the other OEM’s releasing Android super phones at such a rapid pace, the carriers are running out of positions to market the device the way it should be.

Last year around this time we were preparing for the AT&T and T-Mobile releases of the original Samsung Galaxy S.  Speaking of the original Galaxy S, rumors are hot and heavy that the Samsung Epic 4G will receive Gingerbread in the not too distant future.

Source: Mobile Syrup

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