5 Best AT&T Signal Boosters For Your Android Phone

Getting a proper cell reception can be difficult at times, and that’s why you need the best att signal boosters. Since it’s not always the network provider’s fault, all fingers point towards the carrier in such circumstances. So how exactly is it that you get less network coverage at times? You can also lose coverage sometimes when there’s a block between your tower and your location. Blockages can be anything ranging from buildings, mountains, metal rods, even billboards at times. So is there no way to get yourself around this particular issue? Well, thankfully there is. Companies have come up with multiple range extenders or signal boosters for your phone and all the devices around you, helping you get the strongest AT&T Signal Boosters if you feel that there isn’t network around you.

Well, there are a variety of factors at play when this happens. Let’s talk about a few of them here. Since cell coverage is based on the towers around you, sometimes the distance between the tower and you can be a problem. Which is why the network bar on your phone says “Searching” at times. This can be particularly hard on your phone’s battery as well.

Best AT&T Signal Boosters For Your Android Phone

1. weBoost Home

The weBoost Home signal booster is meant for your home and covers up to two bedrooms. It can easily boost your signal strength at home, offering you both 4G LTE and 3G signals. The company uses a patented technology to cleverly search around your house and apply the booster accordingly. By getting an att signal boosters for yourself, not only will you get better network coverage for data, but also for voice.

Further, it will also avoid dropped calls in your area, which will come as a big relief for the customers. It is currently priced at $399.99 from Amazon, so you won’t be spending a lot of money on this one. The company mentions that it doesn’t support some network frequencies from Sprint, so make sure you speak with your carrier and cross check before making the purchase. Considering the fact that this product boosts your signal by about 32%, there’s all the reason to snatch up this offering.

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2. SureCall Fusion4Home Yagi/Panel

The SureCall Fusion4Home network booster is pretty similar to the one from weBoost and it covers a house/office of around 4,000 square foot, so you’re well covered in any medium sized house. The manufacturer claims that in addition to boosting your signal strength, this device is also capable of conserving the battery life of your smartphone. Naturally, it can be used by multiple att signal boosters users at once, so it’s suited for everyone at the house or office.

The antenna on board the device apparently grabs the network directly from the cell tower, thus offering you the best performance for your money. To further increase quality, the unit comes with an indoor as well as an outdoor unit, so you know you’re getting the best value for your money here. It is currently priced at $402.34 via Amazon, which isn’t a lot to spend for something like a signal booster.

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3. Cisco AT&T Microcell

Coming from one of the top producers of network components and accessories, this signal booster from Cisco is designed to work with only AT&T networks, so you can’t use it with any other network in the U.S. Also, you will need to have an official AT&T account before you proceed using this particular product, so if you don’t have one right now, we suggest you get one right away.

It comes with four key status indicators on board – Cell Signal, GPS Signal, Internet Connectivity, and Battery, helping you get a reading on the kind of reception you’re getting. If there’s one gripe I have with this product, it’s that the device only supports 3G networks and not any others. So if you wanted to use this with your LTE smartphone, you’re out of luck, sadly.

It works for almost every device you can imagine, including Android, Windows Phone, as well as iOS handsets. While AT&T hasn’t left any area uncovered, some regions can be affected by poor signal due to a variety of reasons. This particular product is specially designed for such customers. This Cisco unit will set you back by $234.99, which is pretty reasonable despite the fact that it only supports 3G networks.

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4. SolidRF MobileForce

The SolidRF MobileForce works better with 4G LTE network frequencies, so it’s meant for the bulk of the modern day smartphones and networks. However, you will be relieved to know that it also supports 2G and 3G networks if you’re in an area where there’s no LTE connectivity. This means the manufacturer has covered all their bases with this particular product. The product is compatible with almost every network in the U.S. as well as Canada.

The fact that it can automatically pick up a signal from a nearby tower allows you to have proper signal on your device even when there’s intermittent coverage in the area. This is perhaps the key feature of signal boosters, as they allow you to get a signal even if there isn’t a lot of coverage in your location. This particular signal booster is priced at $299, which is pretty reasonable considering the pricing of other att signal boosters on the list here. So if you were a bit surprised by the pricing of the other products on this list, it won’t hurt to give this one a closer look.

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5. zBoost ZB645SL

The zBoost ZB645SL is pretty similar to the other att signal boosters on this list, but it comes with a significantly enhanced range. It can apparently support rooms of up to 10,000 square feet, suggesting that it’s ideally suited for large houses or office spaces. One thing that makes this an interesting unit is the fact that it doesn’t require any manual adjustments as it can automatically pick up signal for your smartphone or any other device that relies on cellular network for data connectivity.

This means you will experience lower frequency of call drops and other issues, making it one of the best options on this list. The product won’t set you back by much either. You will have to shell out $317.78 for this particular item, which isn’t a lot. This, coupled with the fact that it’s a pretty exciting device makes for a pretty exciting combination and we can’t suggest this highly enough to people who are looking to buy a range extender.

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