BBM may come preinstalled on select android devices

When Blackberry announced that they were planning to launch their famous BBM for non blackberry users, we were clearly surprised. This was one of the most unexpected news of the year. BBM was the trademark of all Blackberry phones and hence we never expected to make it to any other phones.

BBM for android

In a recent interview with CNET, Blackberry COO Kristian Tear said that many of the other manufacturer’s were interested in Blackberry’s BBM service. He also added that Blackberry will be preloaded on select android phones. So this may mean that it would come preinstalled like many carrier apps on the device. We just hope that it is uninstallable unlike other bloatware.

Although BBM may not have the popularity that it had several years ago, the service still boasts of over 61 million customers across the globe and out of these 70% people use it every day. This is one of the primary reasons for other manufacturers having interest in this service.

With BBM expanding to android and iOS, the company hopes to generate interest in non BBM users. They hope to attract new customers by getting them comfortable with BBM which is both innovative and efficient and later on make them shift to BB10. But with competitors like Whatsapp, Hangouts already in the market offering similar services, we are not quite sure whether the cross platform support will be of any help to get new customers.

Another major concern of the company is that the users who are currently sticking to Blackberry just for using BBM now will be free to shift to any OS like android or iOS. That would be a big blow to the company, which has already seen many business users move to their rivals. But according Tear, the company is not worried about the same. They have already thought of this scenario and they are quite confident that this won’t affect them as badly as we think. We like the confidence but confidence just won’t do the trick.

To find whether BBM actually helps Blackberry or not, we will have to wait till June 27th when the app is expected to be unveiled for android.