BBM for Android and iPhone Landing Page Briefly Goes Live

One of the best reasons to get a BlackBerry device is its BlackBerry Messenger service which allows people to send messages, photos and even videos with each other. This feature which is exclusive to BlackBerry devices will soon become available to Android and iOS devices.


No release date as has been announced by BlackBerry yet as to when this service will be arriving but a landing page of the company went live briefly announcing that “BBM for Android and iPhone is here”. This has already gone offline and in its place the usual landing page that lets you sign up with your email to get updates on when BBM will be available for Android and iPhone. The page mentioned that features such as BBM Voice, BBM Video and screensharing are going to be available for Android and iPhone users.  An FAQ portion was also present which answered questions such as “what is a pin?”, “is BBM free?”, and “how do I personalize my BBM profile?”

bbm for android

BlackBerry made the official announcement during Blackberry World 2013 last May that their popular BBM service will soon become available for Android and iPhone devices. No release date was mentioned however it is believed that it will be available this year. The latest online materials posted by the company suggest that it may be arriving this summer.

Once the app becomes available BlackBerry users will be able to use BBM to communicate with Android and iPhone users. Text messages, voice, photos, and videos can be done through BBM as long as a data connection is present.

Just recently Samsung Ghana posted a video ad over at YouTube announcing that BBM for Galaxy devices is arriving soon.

The recent surge in online activity of BBM related ads suggests that its release date is coming soon.

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